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third try.
i hope no one of them will find me.
3.11.06 13:33


love's the funeral of hearts and an ode for cruelty.
3.11.06 14:05


One more step and I could fall away
If it happen wouldn't matter
And I can't tell if I should go or stay
Same old picture feels so hollow
How can anybody know whats best for me?
4.11.06 12:53

clearing No.1

Mr SL.
Yesterday showed me what you are.
You are nothing special, something anybody would forget after minutes you met.
You are dishonest and mendacious.
And I know, I never meant something to you.
I cried so much, but now I know that was in vain.
You have not a spark of decency.

y o u a r e n o t h i n g f o r m e.

You played our game your way. You think I have lost?
Haha, you lost.
You lost the chance to get through with your problems.
You lost me.
Fortunately as a friend. Unfortunately as a lover.
You lost me.
F O R E V E R.
4.11.06 13:04


It never was this way and now.
I'm complete.
With you.
You know I will never turn my back on you.
They can't hurt me anymore.
We will play the game with our rules.
You know I will.
You can not forget.
So do I.
But we have something they have not.

7.11.06 13:58


Die Vergangeheit ist vorbei!
7.11.06 15:44


I'm afraid to ask you these questions because I don't know if I want to know the answers.
7.11.06 17:07

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